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Band in a Box main screen

After you click the "OK" button from the style menu box you will be brought back to the opening screen. Lets look at this screen for just a second as I've done a few things. First off, I changed the "Untitled Song" to the title for the song which will be "Mansion On The Hill". Next, I changed the tempo from 120 to 90 bpm (beats per minute) by using the down arrow key. You can see that Band in a Box has changed the style from WLZ_SLOW to Z4COUN12 which is the style we chose. If you decided to use a different style then you would see the style you chose to use in the style box. Remember, you can change the style at any time by clicking on the "STY" button and picking the style you want to use. I also want you to notice that there is a "C" at the first measure with a white box that is inclosing it. Also the first measure has a small letter "a" in back of it and the hole "1a" is in a blue box. I'll explain about this again when we start spicing up this track so don't worry about it for right now. Lets move on to the next screen as we will start entering the chords in.

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