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Band in a Box Automatic Intro Generation

After you click on the "Auto Generate Intro", you can see that Band in a box has done a few things for you. First off, it created 4 measures, which we told it to do and automatically entered the chords that it decided on based on the information that was filled in. This intro to me just dosen't fit and the "Pop" intro isn't much better that it will generate. But I want you to look at those number boxes next to the tempo box. What Band in a Box did do for you is it changed the first box to a 5 and the second box to a 20. Here's what's going on and this is important to understand. The last bar of the song now ends at the end of measure 20 because we added 4 measures for an intro. Obviously, an intro is at the begining of a song, so it pushes the whole song out by 4 measures so that it can add the intro to the begining of the song. It also changed the first box to a 5 which is where the actual song begins. Now, here is what will happen. When you tell Band in a Box to play this song, it will start playing at the first measure and continue until measure 20. When it reaches the end of measure 20 it will go back to measure 5 because this is where it is being told the start of the song is. This makes sense as an intro is only played once. It will now play from measure 5 until the end of measure 20 as this is only the second time through and will then come back to measure 5 and play for the third and final time before it finally ends. Now you know what the 3 is for and how that works. The 3 tells Band in a Box how many times to repeat the song before it ends. Lets click on the "Close" button and move on to the next picture.

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