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Adding A Tag In Band In A Box

After you click on "Additional Settings (for This Song)... ,this screen will pop up. I'll explain the tag first as that's what we want to do and then I'll explain what the rest of the settings do. In the tag settings box you need to make sure that the "Tag Exists?" is checked. If this box is not checked than Band in a Box will ignore your settings for the tag. The next box down is the end of the last measure that you want to play before Band in a Box makes it's jump. We are going to duplicate measures 17, 18, & 19 at measure 21, 22, & 23 so in effect you will be playing measures 17, 18, & 19 but it will be starting them at measure 21. So in this case we want the jump at the end of measure 16. The next box down asks us were we want to start playing once we make the jump. Since we are duplicating those measures at 21, this is where we want Band in a Box to start playing. The last box is asking where the end of the last measure is that the tag will end. Our ending will be at the end of measure 24 so that is where the tag will end at. The next box asks if you want Band in a Box to create a 2 bar ending for you. The answer is NO because we are making are own ending. The last box asks if you want to start the ending 2 bars early and again the answer is NO because we are generating our own ending. DO NOT CHECK EITHER OF THESE 2 BOXES.
Lets look at the other boxes quickly as I'll briefly go through them and what they do.
When we first started entering the rhythm track I chose a "Style" that had 2 parts to it. The Style has an "A" and a "B" to it. The first box if checked will tell Band in a Box to play the "B" style on the second time through the loop if the song has 3 verses. It will play this "B" style no matter how you set your measures if it is checked. If it is not checked then Band in a Box will play the song exactly the way you place your style markers every time through the loop.
Checking this box allows the chords to be pushed in on the second time through the loop. A push is used to make the chord play slightly before the beat.
Checking these next three boxes allows for any rests you may add in the song. We have a rest on the ending of the song.
Checking the "Embellishment" box allows Band in a Box to change, lets say the piano part on a given chord. Lets say that you want a "C7" in the song. When Band in a Box gets to that chord, the piano part may play a "C13" or a "C7b9" instead of the "C7". This is usefull in "JAZZ" as it gives the track a more human type of feeling.
Click on the "OK" and lets move on to the last pic.

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