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Entering Lyrics And Printing

This is the notation window. You can see that the first four measures are shown and this is considered one line, hence the term, "Line Entered Lyrics". Now, the first four measures are an intro so we will not enter any lyrics on this line. Before we move on to where we will be entering the lyrics in I want you to look at this screen. The place that you will enter your lyrics will be between the green part of the screen where you see your measures at and the dark brown part of the screen which is the tool bar for the notation window. In other words you will enter your lyrics in the tan part of the screen. This will make sense in the next pic.
We need to get to measure 5 because that is where the verse starts so if you click on the right arrow located all the way in the lower right hand corner of the screen, you will advance to the next line and we can move on to the next screen shot.

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