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Entering Lyrics And Printing

This screen shot is of the big lyrics window and while I told you to maximize the window, I left it minimized and then just dragged it to size. I finished entering the lyrics for the verse but wanted to show you this screen and explain a few things.
First if you look at the top part of the big lyrics window, before you see the lyrics in this window you will see that there are no lyrics from measure 5 to measure 20, yet you know that you entered them in. The reason why you don't see them is because you entered those lyrics in the "Line Based" mode and so they are not associated with the melody notes. This window works in relation to the melody so it will follow along while the song is playing.
Next if you look at the word "Last" you will see it is highlighted in red. This is because I played the file and then stopped it at this point. Each time a note is played in the melody, if there is a word that is associated with it, it will be highlighted so as the file is being played, the words are highlighted and follow along with the music. This happens because you entered these lyrics in the "Note Based" mode and I hope now you can understand the difference. Also if you look at the chords in relation to the words you will see that the chords are above the words but there are spaces and the words don't seem to line up directly under the chords. This is because BIAB also allows you to put the chords on the same line as the lyrics are and to do this, BIAB has to create a space so that the chords can be inserted into the line. If you where to put the chords on the same line, the chords would be in closed brackets where the chord changes woud be along with the words following, such as [A] Storms never [A7] last do they ba[D]by. To keep the chords on the same line as the lyrics you would click on the "Options" box in the big lyrics window and there you would see all of your options that are available to you for this window.
Lets close this window out and will get to printing this out. Lets go to the next screen.

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