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Entering Lyrics And Printing

We are going to start with entering "Line Based" lyrics. This is simple but it is one of the worse ways that I know of to enter lyrics. Let me explain why I say it is a bad way to enter the lyrics in.
In the "Line Based" mode you are entering your lyrics on a single line and you are allowed 78 characters and that's all you get. You have to play with your spacing to get the lyrics to come out correctly with the chords and your lyrics will not show up in the big lyrics window which will allow you to see the lyrics while the song is playing. You can only view the lyrics in the notation window and this can be difficult to say the least if you are trying to sing along with the song in this window while the song is playing.
We will enter the lyrics for the first verse using the "Line Based" method and then I will show you how to enter the lyrics for the second verse using the "Note Based" method which is the one I prefer as it allows you to see the lyrics while the song is playing using the "Big Lyrics Window", just like you would see in Karaoke.
To enter your lyrics with the "Line Based" method you need to open up the notation window. To do this just move your cursor to the single note on the tool bar directly below the "Soloist" icon and to the right of the "Embellisher" check box. If you leave your cursor over the single note icon for a second or so, you will see the text box open up as shown in this pic telling you the icon is for the notation window. Click on this single note icon and lets go to the next screen shot.

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