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Entering Lyrics And Printing

As I said at the beginning, it didn't matter which song you used to enter in "Line Based" lyrics as those lyrics are not linked to anything. But in this section you will need to use a song that has a melody section to it. This is because the words in the lyrics will be connected with the notes of the melody. As I also said in the beginning, I chose this song because I have a melody section, so it works fine for both ways of showing you how to enter the lyrics using both the "Line Based" method as well as the "Note Based" method.
To enter "Note Based" lyrics you will still be in the notation window but you can get to where you need to be much faster. Since the melody starts at measure 21, simply move the cursor to mesure 21. Next click on "Lyrics" and then click on "Enter Lyrics at current bar" and this will open the notation window right at the first note of the melody at measure 21. Let's go to the next pic.

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