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Getting A Melody From A Midi File

After clicking on the open this screen will come up. Now let me explain that a midi file will have 16 different channels. This does not mean that all 16 are used. Some channels may only have a single event on them while other channels may be filled with events. I will tell you that you can't pick all of the channels or you will run every thing into the melody track and not everything has to do with the melody. Don't believe me? Try it. Choose "All" and see what happens. You'll be back to this page so quick and asking what you did wrong because everything is all messed up.
This is a trial and error. Pick 1 channel at a time and try it. If its not correct you can always use the edit menu and undo the import after its in. I found the melody portion on channel 4 so I checked that box and left the others unchecked.
The first box that says "# bars to offset from start of Midi" will start the melody playing by this number before the rest of the file starts playing. In other words if I where to enter a 1 in the box then when I hit the play, the melody would start playing and 1 bar later the rest of the file would start. I put a 0 in this box because I don't want the melody to start before the file.
The next box asks "How many bars to Import." Leave this number higher than the last bar of the song. In other words if your song ends at bar #70 make the number greater than 70. If the number is lower you will only import the melody up to that number so the melody would end before the end of the song.
The next box is ask for "# of bars to insert at begining. If you want the song to start first and then the melody to start at some point after you would enter that number here. Sometimes you will get a song that you may want to put an intro into so if your intro was 4 bars long you wouldn't want the melody to start at the begining of the song. You would want to delay the start of the melody by those 4 bars so you would put the 4 in this box.
The next Box asks for how many notes you want early. If you’re reading in a MIDI file starting at bar 5, it would be annoying to have a note that was played 1 tick earlier than bar 5 be not included in the MIDI file that is read in. To include it, you can set this, and the note will be read in. Try a setting of 15, which is 1 tick less than a 16th note.
The rest of the boxes I've always left checked as there all self explaning. Once your done with your selections hit the "OK" and the next screen will come up. Lets go to the last Pic.

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