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Holding A Chord

I'll bet you thoght you would see a whole bunch of thumbs again. Fooled ya. This is quick and easy as can be. Sometimes you may want to hold a chord, especially on an ending. I did this on the 4th measure and also did a right click on the "C" after I entered this note. Again you don't have to right click on the note but it does give you the extra options to do something else with the measure if you need to. To hold a chord, just type in the chord followed by 3 periods. THIS IS IMPORTANT. BIAB WILL KEEP THE CHORD HELD UNTIL IT GETS TO THE NEXT CHORD. If you play this after you enter the "hold", you will hear the "C" chord held until it gets to measure 5 and then it will release the held "C" chord and continue on playing like normal. If you wanted to hold the chord for an ending like you hear on some songs then you would enter, and in this case will use a C, "C..." and then however many measures later that you want the chord to end you would enter another chord. An example would be like on a song that you might here the ending as "C F C" and the last "C" may be held for 2 measuers. I would enter The last "C" as "C..." and then 2 measures later I would enter "C.." and this will hold the C chord for 2 measures and than at the end would produce a shot.

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