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Correcting Pitch And Adding Harmony For Singing In Band In A Box 2004

This is the heart of the software engine and how you set it will determine how your harmony will sound.
The "Dry Voice Level" controls the volume of your singing voice. If you want to hear more of it in the mix then move it toward the "0db." If you want less then move it toward the "-infinite." This level slider works with all of the level sliders and together with all of them control the level of the WAV file being produced. If they are set to high then the signal will be clipped.
The "Pan" only works if the stereo was selected in the previous screen. Moving them to the left will have the sound come out of the left speaker and vice versa.
The "Gender" is what gives you the control over having the voice of the harmony sound male or female. The you move toward the "M" the deeper the voice will be and the more you move toward "F" the higher the voice will be. This is a case where a little goes a long way. If you move the slider to the max for the female side you will get a voice that sounds like a chipmunk.
"The "Timing" controls how close each voice starts to one another. The closer to "0" the less of a delay there is between the start of the voices.
The "Pitch" controls how controls how much variation from the actual pitch of the reference you have chosen to very. Closer to the "0" means no vibrato will come through if it was used in the actual voice and will not allow the voice to fluctuate as it would normally be in life.
The "Portamento" controls how fast the voice gets to the proper pitch. Moving closer to the "0" will make the voice come to pitch faster.
The "Octive" controls where all of the voices will be in relation to the melody. "-1" will put them at one octave below and "+1" will put them at one octave above.
After you are done playing around with all of the controls you can press the "Preview" and a preview of about 10 seconds will be played so that you can get an idea of how the final outcome of your mix will be. This will take a few seconds to generate as the computer has to process all of the settings. After you are done with your mix and have done a preview of the sound just hit the "Generate" button and the computer will process the file. After it is done you will be returned to the next screen so lets go to the next PIC.

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