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Correcting Pitch And Adding Harmony For Singing In Band In A Box 2004

After you clicked on the "Keep Take" button the system will process the file and you will end up back at the opening window. OK, get out the ear plugs and take a listen to what was recorded.
San Antonio Rose
That was terrible, who ever told you I could sing. We have to do something quick to fix this mess up. That sounds more like some one used a cactus on my back side. OK as terrible as this sounds, this is where you should do another "Save As" and then open up the new file so that you can have a place to get back to if you need to.
Lets fix this mess by clicking on the "Harmony" pull down menu and then at the bottom click on the "Audio Harmony & Pitch Tracking." now lets go to the next PIC and give our ears a rest.

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