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Correcting Pitch And Adding Harmony For Singing In Band In A Box 2004

After clicking on the "Audio Harmony & Pitch Correction", this box will come up. Here is where you make the choice as to how you want your harmony or if you have a good singing voice and would just like to fix the pitch a bit and don't need harmony. This is all your choice. I'll explain all of these boxes to you and what they do.
The first radio button that is marked as "Melody Pitch Tracking Only" is what you would check if you only wanted to fix the pitches of the singer so that everything is on pitch to the melody track.
Harmonize to the MIDI melody allows the harmony that you pick to harmonize sround the melody track. The check box that is marked as "Harmonies can contain the melody part" will keep one of the voices at the same pitch that the melody is. This is what I have found to be the case but I could be wrong.
The last button marked "Harmonize to the chords of the song" will create a harmony around the chords being played.
The Harmony type with the "M" in back of the box is the kind of singers you want to choose. This is something you can play with. The "M" in back of the box will bring up a menu to choose from as is shown.
The last Harmony type is how you want the harmony done. Such as all above the melody, one below the melody and two above, you get the idea and again it is something you can play with.
The range box alowwos you to choose a part of the song with a start and stop place or you can choose the whole song.
The stereo button allows you to pan the voices because your output is in stereo. I have never used the export Wav files but I would assume that it would create a seperate WAV file with the singing alone.
The Transpose Midi melody I can't find a description for but I can assume that given the choices it is used to change the melody to be higher or lower. Since the harmony will be centered around the melody this would make the harmony way to high if it were played past the middle C so by bringing it down an octive would also bring the harmony down into a range that would be more pleasing. This I am guessing at but you can play with this setting as well.
The last setting, "Auto Set Octive" also has no description that I can find but I have to assume that it is where you want the voices of your harmonies being added to be above or below this voice.
There are a few things that I haven't played with yet but you can try everything to see what it does. I found that setting my harmony to #172H with 1 below and 2 above along with the button marked as "Harmonize to MIDI melody" and the check box "Harmonies can contain the melody part" not checked with the rest of the settings that you see here produced good results. Now lets move on to the next PIC.

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