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Changing Gain Of Audio Tracks

After clicking on "Gain Change", the Gain Change window will open. Let me explain some of these things in this window for you. With the "Constant Gain" radio button enabled, the gain you choose will be the same for the portion of the track that you selected. In this case, it would be from the start to about 4 seconds in to the track. By the way, the numbers that you see on the ruler at the top of the track window is in seconds.
The "Pre Normalize" will scan the file to see how much gain should be applied to raise the level of the track to about -3db of full scale.
The "Gain Change" is the amount of boost you want to increase or decrease the track by. If the "Pre Normalize" is on, the boost is added to the normalize boost and can cause clipping unless you have the "Post Peak Limit" enabled.
The "Post Peak Limit" is a peak limiter and will stop the signal from getting to high and clipping.
The "Variable Gain" will allow you to do fade ins and fade outs but you would need to disable the "Constant Gain" to use this. This is self explaining as to how these controls work but just in case, If you wanted to fade in from the start to the 4 seconds you would check this box and the song would start at 0 and increase in volume until you hit the desired boost at the 4 seconds. The fade out would work just the opposite in that it would start at the boost leval and fade out to 0 at the 4 seconds. You could change the fade in and fade out levels by the "Adjustable Fade" percentages so that they dont go from 0 to max or max to 0. Lets go to the next screen shot.

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