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Changing Gain Of Audio Tracks

I'm only selecting a certain portion of this track just to show you how to do this. If you don't know how to select just a portion of the track I will explain it now and you can do this any where you would like. I selected from the start of the song to about 4 seconds in to the song. This is how it is done.
Move your cursor to track you want to do this on and then click on the track. Next move your cursor to the start of the track and while holding down your left mouse button, drag your cursor accross the track to where you want to end your change and then release your left mouse button. You will see the result as being highlighted just like the screen shot. The highlighted section is what will be edited. I would suggest that you only do a small portion like this if you are planning on increasing the gain of a whole track so that you can hear the section to see if it is enough or if you need to add more or less gain. If you like what you hear than you just go to "Edit" and click on the "Undo" and then select the track as a whole and make your change. To select the whole track you would just click on the track number. Once again if you want the whole track you just need to click on the track you want, You do not have to drag the cursor over the whole portion of the track from start to finish. Let's go to the next Pic.

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