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Using Sound Fonts

If you click on the arrow key for the "Bank" window and select the "010" location, you will see that the "Fiddle" sound font was placed in this bank and the location for all of the things that control the sound of this will be in location "110" as shown by the "Preset." Now one of the nice things about using this sound font manager is that I can hit any of the piano keys and hear what the font sounds like. I also have the option of changing things around but as I said I will keep this simple. When your done you can just close out the manager by clicking on the "X" as you now have a sound font loaded into a bank and a location that the sound card will be able to locate and play any time you choose to tell it to do so.
You can also click on the "Help" icon for your sound card and then click on the "Find" or the "Index" while in there and type in the word "sound font" or "font" and there should be a section that will explain loading them in for your particular software setup. No matter how you do it, you have to set up a bank to load the sound font in. The location for the rest of the things that control the sound of the font are written by the sound font author and you can not change this (I'm talking about the "110" preset location). This is why I would recommend using any empty bank as you will have no idea where these locations will end up. The only thing you have control over is what bank you want to use. Hope this explains the sound font and how to get it so that you will be able to play it when you want to. Let's go to the 2nd section of this and I'll explain how to set up a patch map for BIAB to use so that it can get this sound font.

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