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Creating Folders

I talk about navigating, opening, saving, and moving files to different folders through out all of the BIAB help sections and take it that most people know how to do this as well as how to create folders and move or save files to them. This may not be the case and I hope to shed a little light on this and kind of give you a little class on how to do the simple things you need to know. One of the things I did for Power Tracks was to create three different folders that I could use to help keep track of the many different kinds of files I have. I'll be 51 this year and call it absent minded or just plain loosing it, but there is no way in the world that I can remember what each file I have is used for or why they are even on my computer. Actually, I have hundreds of different folders on my computer and they all serve a purpose. Keeping my sanity!!!

This section has nothing to do with BIAB but yet in a way it does. The reason it has nothing to do with BIAB is that, this section deals on how to create a folder that you can put files into. The reason it does have something to do with BIAB is that the files you will be placing into the folder will be for BIAB.

In this section we are going to create one folder called "My BIAB Songs" and then we will create three more folders inside of this folder called "SGU Files", "MGU Files", and "MGX Files." What you call these folders will be up to you and this sections only purpose is to show you how to create and name folders. This little bit of information you can use any where to create folders.

I have found out early, that when it comes to computers, the only stupid questions are the ones you don't ask so don't feel bad if you think you should know how to do something which is so simple for others to do, but you may find it hard for your self because you were never shown how to do it.

We are going to go step by step on this and I'll explain as I go. The first thing we need to know if you don't know already, is the difference between a folder and a file. A folder is nothing more than a place to keep a file. Still confused? Think of your house, apartment, or where ever you happen to live as a folder and your self along with your family members as files. Your house (folder)is a place for you and your family (files) to stay at. Just as your house has different rooms, your folder can have other folders within it. Your house has a kitchen for you to cook in. If you made a folder called "House," you could make another folder inside of the house folder called "Kitchen." Just as each room of your house is used for different things, the same holds true for folders. Each folder you create holds different types of files. Just as you can tell your sons or daughters (files) to go to their rooms (folders), you can do the same with files. Lets go to the next page and get started.

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