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Placing Files In Folders

After clicking on the "Local Drive (C:), you will be brought out to the C drives root directory. In the window you can see all of the folders and files that are on the C drive.
Now suppose that your C drive has a lot of files and folders on it. I can imagine that the first words out of your mouth would be something like Hey, wait a minute, where is the folder called "My BIAB Songs" at? I know I made this folder but why isn't it showing up?
Well, the reason why it's not showing up is because the window showing you the folders and files is only showing you a portion of the C drive. Everything that is on the C drive can't fit in the window size and this is why it's not showing up. Well, how do I get to it if I can't see it.
Don't get your under shorts all bunched up. If you look at the window you will see an arrow key down near the bottom of the window that is showing all the folders and files on the C drive and it is pointing to the left and also the right. Now just for the heck of it I'm going to move the window showing the files and folders on my C drive to the right by clicking on the arrow pointing to the right. Lets go to the next pic.

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