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Placing Files In Folders

After you click on the down arrow, you will see the box that had the words "BB Songs" in it will open up. Now, the blue box that you see in this pic would actually be on "BB Songs" the second this box opened up and to get it to the "C drive", just move your cursor to the "C drive" and the blue box will follow it.
Okay, why are we moving to the "C Drive?" Well, where did you make your folder? It is on the root directory of the "C Drive" unless your memory is worse than mine and you think it's some place else. Remember, we made a folder called "My BIAB Songs" and placed that folder on the root directory of the "C drive" and inside of that folder, we made another folder called "SGU Files", which is the one we need to get to so the first step is to get to the "C Drive." Click on the "Local Drive (C:)" and then lets go to the next Pic.

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