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Placing Files In Folders

Once you click on the "Save As" icon, the "BB File Save dialog" box comes up. Here comes that nasty word, "Navigate", because we are going to navigate to our new folder (SGU Files) that we created before so that we can save this song in that folder. As you look at this screen you can see just below the top line, there is a caption that reads "Save in:" and right next to that is a box with an icon of a folder with the words "BB Songs" and then just to the right of this box is an arrow pointing down. Now, if we were to hit the "Save" button now, it would put this song into the "BB Songs" folder (BIAB's default folder) because this is where the words "BB Songs" in the window box is telling BIAB to put it. So, we need to change the location of where this window box is pointing to, so that it points to the folder that we want the song to be placed in which is "SGU Files." Okay, lets start navigating to that folder. Click on the arrow key that is pointing down which located to the right of the box with the words "BB Songs" in it and lets go to the next Pic.

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