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Placing Files In Folders

Start by clicking on the "Save As" icon. As you move your cursor to this icon and leave it there you will see the message box come up telling you exactly what this will allow you to do as shown in this Pic. We are actually going to be placing a copy of this song into the SGU Files folder but if this were an original song that you just completed you would use this method to place your song in a folder of your choosing rather than allowing BIAB to put the song into its default directory. When I say we are placing a copy of this song into the new folder, what I really mean is that, you already have this song in the BB song folder (default folder) which is where you got this from to begin with and you are now doing a "Save As" so that you can save this song in your new folder. This song will still exist in the default folder but your are also going to save this song in your new folder (SGU Files)which is like placing a copy of this song into your new folder. In the end, when you are done, this song will be in two places. One will be in the default folder and the other will be in your new folder. Click on the "Save As" icon and then lets go to the next Pic.

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