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Placing Files In Folders

As I said I would show you a screen shot of what is inside of the folder SGU Files. You can see there is only one song in there which is the Mansion On The Hill file that we saved. I promised I would give you a hint on how to make sure that this file is in that folder but no screen shots because you need to be able to "Navigate" to that folder on your own so here is the hint on how to do this.
Close BIAB, Click Start, Click My Computer, Double Click C drive, Double Click My BIAB Songs folder, Double Click SGU Files Folder.
You have the hint and if you followed it you should see the same screen as shown in this picture.
Experiment on your own with saving different files to different folders. I can give you examples all day long but I can't do it for you. Before I leave you with this section, I want you to make one more folder called "MISC BB Songs" and you can put this folder any where you would like to. I know you can do this on your own and the reason I want you to make this folder is because I will show you in the next section how to get a bunch of files for BIAB from a CD and put them all into this one folder.

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