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Placing Files In Folders

Okay, in the last section (Creating Folders), you created a folder called "My BIAB Songs" and then you created three more folders inside of that folder called "SGU Files", "MGU Files", and "MGX Files." These folders were created outside of the BB folder because I wanted you to be able to navigate around and to see how easy it is to make a folder for anything you like and also to show you that you can make and place the folders any where you like. Now if you did not understand that section then I highly suggest you go back and review it before going on. You will need to know how to navigate around your computer to get to these folders and you will also need to know how to create folders.
In this section I want to get you used to being able to save your files to different places and not just to allow BIAB to put your files where it wants to which by the way is usually in the default folder called "BB Songs." One of the reasons for this is, lets suppose for a second, that you are working on a song and you want to email it to someone. Why go through searching the many songs you have in the BB Song folder when you can just as easily put this song into a folder you have created just for this purpose and place it in there. Now you only have to go to that folder, open it up and grab that song that you placed in there.
BIAB songs consist of many different file extensions. The SGU extension are for songs that have no melody in them and have all the instruments on different tracks. The MGU extension are for songs that contain a melody and have all the instruments on different tracks. The MGX extension are for songs that have everything contained on the melody track and have there own style or a modified style. This is why I had you make three different folders with those names. So there is a method to my madness. Actually a more practical purpose would have been for you to name the folders lets say "A-G songs", "H-P songs", and "Q-Z songs" where you might have placed your songs by titles into these folders. In other words the song "Mansion On The Hill" would be placed in the folder called "H-P songs" because the title of the song begins with the letter "M." Any way you probably get what I mean. We will be placing, actually saving and copying songs with different extensions, in the folders we created. Lets get started.

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