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Using Sound Fonts

Now we find some place to put the sound font we want to gain access to. To do this just click on the "Select Bank" arrow key shown on the right panel and a window will open up showing you which banks are already being used. I would suggest selecting an empty bank because if you select one that is used it will over write eveything that is in that bank. There are plenty of banks and not every one uses all of the locations in it. You can think of this like creating a new account for a trust fund for one of your children. You are at the same bank you put your money in but you don't want your money to be mixed in with your childrens money so you need to put it in a seperate account. I picked "010" as it is an empty bank. Once you click on the bank you want to use, the drop down list will close up and now it's time to load up the bank location with the sound font. Let's go to the next Pic.

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