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Creating Song Endings (With Sound Clips Of The Endings)

Sound Clip Of This Ending
This is an ending I used for "If" and the end of the song is being generated by BIAB. Sometimes BIAB can generate an ending better than I could but you may have to work at it a bit to get it to do what you want it to do. This is one of those cases where I had to work a bit. The end of the song is at measure 27 and in this case I told BIAB to create the ending for the song but I wanted to have it start the ending 2 bars early and that is why the boxes are for generating the ending and having it start 2 bars early are checked in settings dialog box. There is a tag being used and you will notice I told BIAB that the end of the tag was at measure 26 but there is still a chord at measure 27 which means the end of the song is really at measure 27 because there is a chord at measure 27. This will cause BIAB to start generating the ending at bar 25 because the last chord is on bar 27.

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