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Creating a "Rhythm Track" using Band in a Box

We are going to start right at the begining on how to create a rhythm track from start to finish. I will use a simple song to start off with and then we will build on this in all of the future quick help guides. The things we do can be done on anything you may have at any time and it's just a matter of knowing how to do it. It's always best to start at the begining and then go from there. Think about it. You didn't walk before you could crawl and you didn't run before you could walk, so with that in mind lets start with getting a rhythm track made first with no bells and whistles. I'll be using "Mansion on the Hill" but you can use anything that you like. The process of entering the chords and then building on what you have will be the same no matter what you use.

Click on the pics from left to right to see a larger view and explination.




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