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Using Sound Fonts

Before you can use a sound font you have to get it into a sound font bank. This is where your sound card will get the sound that you want to play. I'll explain about this more as we go on but for now you need to get to your sound font bank setup.
AS I said before, I am using the SoundBlaster Audigy 2 ZS Platinum sound card and the software that comes with the card has a "Sound Font Manager" program. Some of you may be using a SoundBlaster where the sound font bank will be in the "AudioHQ" program. For those of you that have this just click on the "AudioHQ" instead of what I am clicking on. For those that have the same software I have follow along.
Start by clicking on "Start" then "All Programs" then "Creative" then "Audigy 2" and finally on to "Sound Font Manager." Lets go on to the next pic.

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