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Copying Files From A CD/Floppy To Folders

After you clicked on the first file, move your cursor over to the last file you want and hold the "SHIFT" key down on your keyboard and click on the last file you want. Since I only want the top row of files, I moved the cursor over to the last file in the row and held the shift key down and then clicked on that file. The result is that all of the files were selected as shown in blue. Windows picks the files just like you and I read a book. From left to right and down to the next line and then from left to right again. Knowing this makes it simple to pick a bunch of files at one time. Now you could also do the same thing if you wanted all the files to be selected by clicking on the first file and then going to the last file and doing the same thing. By doing it this way you can pick and choose which files you want and there are easier ways to copy all of the files over to another folder but for our purpose I only wanted a few file in the new folder, and this way serves my purpose. Lets go to the next Pic.

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