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Copying Files From A CD/Floppy To Folders

Click on the "My BIAB Songs" folder and the folder opens up showing you the four folders within this folder. The folder we want to save these files to is the one I told you to make called "MISC BB Songs" and remember I told you I didn't care where you made this folder. So the bottom line is that I put the folder in the "My BIAB Songs" folder but you may have put yours some where else. I needed to get to this folder so these were the steps I needed to take to get to it. By the way remember the little "+" sign I told you about, well if you look at the sign next to the "My BIAB Songs" folder that we just opened up, that sign has turned to a "-" sign meaning there are no other folders in this folder. If you seen a "+" sign on one of the other folders from within this folder then it would mean that there are more folders in side of that folder. Lets move on to the next Pic.

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