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Copying Files From A CD/Floppy To Folders

In the last section, I asked you to create another folder called "MISC BB Songs" and I didn't care where you put it. The purpose of having you make the folder was to get you to be able to navigate around your computer and make the folder on your own and with out my help. Because the files that I am going to be copying are BIAB song files, I made a folder in the "My BIAB Songs" folder so now there is another folder in that folder as well called "MISC BB Song" making the total number of folders in the "My BIAB Songs" folder four. In the last section I had you save one song to one folder and that's fine as the purpose was to get you to be able to see that you can save a song file any where and in any folder. Now can you imagine trying to copy or save a hundred songs into one folder the way I showed you. You would be using a few choice words on me right about now and I don't think they would be "Thank you" and you might keep the "You" part of it but I'll pretty much bet the "Thank" part would pretty well be gone. It would take you forever and a day to get 100 songs into a folder doing it this way.
Okay, lets get practical. You will be shown how to copy a bunch of the songs at once into a folder from any where you like. Lot's of people have purchased BIAB songs on a CD or a floppy. These CD's and floppy's have hundreds if not thousands of BIAB songs on them. I'm going to show you how to copy a bunch of them at once into a folder. So lets get started.

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