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Creating 1st/2nd Endings And Coda's

Well,this took a bit of doing on my part. First off, my hats go off for any one that creates a full midi file with melodys and all the rest of the things that go with it. This song took me 3 days to get entered and straightened out so that it would sound half way decent.
Now there are two sections to this help file. The first is on using 1st and 2nd endings and then the second part will be on codas. For the first section on using 1st and 2nd endings in a song I entered in the "Beer Barrel Polka" for the song and the reason why I used this song is because there are three parts to the song and two of those parts call for repeats and 2 different endings in each. I have also included both a sound file and the BIAB file for you to download so that you can see and hear as well.

Creating 1st/2nd Endings

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Creating Coda's

In this section I'll show you how to generate coda's and the different types that you can use. Since Coda's go along with 1st and 2nd endings I would suggest you go through the first section as I will not spend a lot of time on it in this help section. Again I will provide you with both a sound file of the song and the BIAB file as well. The song I used for this section is "Town Without Pity" because it has a 1st and 2nd ending and then uses a coda for a repeat back to the begining of the song and then uses the coda to return for the end of the song.



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