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My wife almost knocked me off my seat when she didn't put up any sort of fuss about purchasing the Carter. 30 years ago when I purchased the Maverick I had a chance to trade up to a beautiful S10 Shobud for the Maverick plus another 400 dollars and she just about went off and told me if I did that deal it would be the end of us. In hind sight I often wonder if I had of taken the deal and then look at my loving wife of whom I've been married to for 28 years and think naah, lets not go there.

Well, save like crazy and scrimp on everything not necessary, you have to be carful with food as you do need it to live, I finally had the monies to purchase a new Carter. Now came the decesion of what to get, a S10 or a D10. If I got the D10 I could learn the C6th at a later time but figuered that for right now the S10 would do me just fine. I ordered the guitar and in December of 2001 it arrived. What a difference from the Maverick. The workmanship was beautiful and it plays like a dream.

Here is a Picture of the Carter S10. It has a beautiful red birdseye mica finish and sounds just as sweet as can be. Maybe not with me playing it but I do what I can.

Well, the wife didn't get upset at my first Carter and I wanted a D10 as well. Now keep in mind that I also have a Shobud Pro III which is a D10 but that is a heavy guitar to be lugging around so I thought let's try for another. Well, in 2005 I happend to come accross a deal that was just to good to turn down and got a beautiful D10 Carter. This one is turquoise blue in color and has been fully polished. Everything just shines like crazy. So here's a Pic of it and NO CHUCK, YOU CAN'T HAVE IT BACK !!!!! (just a little humor between myself and the person I purchased it from).

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