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Creating 1st/2nd Endings

After clicking on the Ok button, the menu closes and you are brought back to the main screen. Look at this screen because you can see that the 1st and 2nd endings have been added. Again I have added text to the screen to help you follow the song progression. When the song gets to the end of measure 36 it goes to measure 21. Again the 1st ending starts at measure 34 where you can see the little 1 indicating the 1st ending for the repeated section. It then plays to measure 33 and then jumps down to measure 50 where you see the little 2 indicating the 2nd ending.
No they are not gone. This is where BIAB copied the measures from 21 to 33. Remember I said that BIAB is really just unfolding the repeated measures and copying the repeated measures and putting them right at the end of the 1st ending. Well we can prove this out easily. The repeated measure starts at measure 21 and ends at 33. Well, 21-33= 12, so if we know that the end of the 1st ending is at measure 36 and the beginning of the repeated measures start at 37, we can add 12 to this we come up with 49. This means exactly what I said, BIAB put those duplicated 12 measures after measure 36, so that is where the measuers went. In other words 37+12= 49. Now I also have the fake sheet checked in the tool bar at the top of the screen so that you can actually see that the song would look the same as if it where printed out in a sheet music type of format.
You can also see there are double vertical lines with 2 dots to the right at measure 21, (Black colored) which is a symbol for the start of a repeat and there are 2 vertical lines with 2 dots to the left at measure 36, (Red colored) which is a symbol to go to the start of where the repeat begins. Let's go to the next Pic.

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