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Creating 1st/2nd Endings

After clicking on the "Repeats/Codas/1st-2nd Endings...", the repeat and ending panel will come up. Now I have also put text on the screen shot to help me explain things a little bit better and hopefully allow you to follow along a little easier. We are entering 1st and 2nd endings so the radio button marked "1st/2nd endings" has to be checked.
Since the start of the 2nd part of this song begins at measure 21 this is where our repeat begins and where the end of the 1st ending needs to go to when it is done. So in the box marked as "Repeat begins at Bar #" we enter 21. Now our 1st ending for this section begins at measure 34 and lasts until measure 36, so in the box marked as "1st ending begins at bar #" we enter 34. Now the 1st ending is 3 measures long as it starts at 34 and goes to 36 which means you will be playing measures 34, 35, and 36 before going to the repeat of this section at bar 21, So in the box marked as "1st ending lasts for", we enter a 3. We don't need to tell it how many measures the 2nd ending is, as the second ending in a song section leads right into the next section of the song and it also begins imediately following the end of the 1st ending. In the "Endings type" we select "1st/2nd endings" and we also need to check the box marked "Generate (insert) new bars." The reason why this box needs to be checked is because BIAB needs to copy the same measures from the repeat to the first ending so that it can play that part again. To do this it needs to put that copied section some place so it adds that section in by inserting measures.
Now actually what BIAB is doing is just unfolding the repeat section so that it is actually playing from the beginning of the section thru the 1st ending and then right after that 1st ending, it is duplicating the same section from the beginning and then eliminating the 1st ending at the end of the repeadted section and starting the 2nd ending.
Now let me explain what happens when the song gets to measure 21 as it is playing along. When the song is started it plays to measure 36 which is the end of the 1st ending. When it reaches the end of measure 36 it goes to the repeat and starts playing from the beginning of measure 21. When it gets to measure 33, it skips measures 34, 35, and 36 because that was the 1st ending and it goes to measure 37 which starts the beginning of the 2nd ending.
Click on the button marked "OK-Make Repeat" and then let's go to the next screen shot.

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