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Creating Coda's

After clicking the OK button you are brought back to the main screen and you can see the coda is at measure 24 and the first coda sign is at measure 7 with the second coda sign at measure 32. I put up the first Pic of the song before the endings and coda where added so that you can scroll your screen between the two and see the difference. Now the coda section begain right after measure 24 which would be measure 25 but because BIAB put the coda section in and hid the repeat of the first section those measuers were omitted and from the lead sheet and that is why you see the coda at measure 32. This is no different then when we added the 1st and 2nd measures which I explaind in the first section as to what was actually happening. The main thing is that you can notice the difference in size of your chord sheet and how much less room it takes to do the same thing. I'ts just a little more difficult to folow unless you know how song structure works and is written.

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