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Creating Coda's

The "DC al coda" will start at measure 24 as I said before. When the song hits this measure it will jump back to the start of the song and start playing there. We need to jump to the coda section before it hits the 1st ending so we need to make that jump at measure 7 since the 1st ending is at measure 8. Now I should also tell you that the coda section is at measure 25 until the end of the song.
We could have used the "DS al coda" here as well and made the DS sign start at measure 1 but there is no reason to do this as a "DC al coda" will repeat from the beginning of the song without doing anything. So check the radio button marked as "DC al coda" and in the box marked "DC after bar #" put in 24 as that is where we want to jump back to the beginning of the song from. In the next box marked "Go to coda after bar #" put in 7 as that is when we want the song to jump to the coda section at measure 25. Again, because I entered in the song the way it would be played without the use of repeats and codas you do not need to "Generate (insert)new bars" so just click on the "OK Make Repeat" and then let's go to the last Pic.

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