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Creating Coda's

I thought what I would do for this song was to enter it first just the way BIAB would play it without the use of 1st and 2nd endings and coda's. As you can see, the song repeats from the beginning then plays a middle part, then plays the same beginning over and then plays a final end. Now we can shorten this up alot with the use of the endings and a coda. I should expand on the statement of "Shorten" because no matter how you look at it, BIAB will be playing exactly what you see here, however the "Fake Sheet" as they call it in music terms will get consideribly shorter as you will see.
The sound file and the BIAB file were taken after everything was done with 1st and 2nd endings in as well as the coda. I would download these files so that you can hear and see what is happening.

Sound File For "Town Without Pity"
BIAB File Of "Town Without Pity"

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