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Creating 1st/2nd Endings

First of all your eyes are not playing tricks on you as you notice the screen. I had to change the display for this section so that I could get the whole song up and explain as I was going along. I also had to do a little trickery so to speak of on this song for entering in the melody and I'll explain what I did now so that you won't get the file and think that the styles are not the same as the screen shot and every thing else that goes along with these two files.
The song is in 4/4 time but because of the endings and the notes I entered the melody part in by using a style that allowed me to expand the notes and measures and than at the end when I had every thing done, I changed the style and let BIAB change the note durations so that every thing would fit the style and you will see this at the very end of this section as to how I did this. Some times you just have to be smarter than BIAB and this was one of those times when it came to getting the melody and endings in correctly.
Okay, enough of how I had to trick BIAB to get things in correctly and on to the 1st and 2nd endings. This is a screen shot of how the song would look before any endings have been entered. I've entered the melody and have added all the things I want the rhythm section to do while playing. Now let me explain about 1st and 2nd endings because they are treated like a tag but with a difference. If you wanted to play a song that had lets say 20 measures through 3 times the same way and then end the song the last time through with an ending you would use a "Tag" and the "Tag" would send the program to a different measure the last time where you would pick up your ending.
1st and 2nd endings are used when you have a couple of different parts to a song that need to repeat and use a different ending the second time through the repeat of that section to get to another section. I put part markers up on this screen to help explain this a bit better. The "Beer Barrel Polka" has 3 parts to it. The first part of the song is from measure 1 to measure 20. The second part of the song is from measure 21 to the end of measure 39 and then the third part of this song is from measure 42 to the end of the song. Now there is a repeat of the second part of this song and also a repeat of the third part of this song. This is where we need to use 1st and 2nd endings. Let me tell you how the song needs to play and I'll explain with the use of the part markers as I go along. These markers are only in here now as an aid to help me explain.
The song starts out playing on measure 1 and will play to measure 33 and then enter the 1st ending on measure 34. The 1st ending is 3 measures long. It starts at measure 34 and ends at measure 36, so when the song gets to the end of this 1st ending it needs to skip measures 1 thru 20 and go back to measure 21 and repeat starting from measure 21 the same thing but when it gets to measure 33, this time it has to use the 2nd ending to continue on to the next section of the song so it will skip measures 34 thru 36 as that was the first ending (indicated by blue squares)and jump to measure 37 as this is the 2nd ending. This 2nd ending is from measure 37 to 39 (indicated by green squares) and this would be the end of the 1st repeated section which began at measure 21. The song then needs to continue to play to the next section of the song which starts at measure 42 so when the song ends the 2nd ending of the first section at measure 39, it moves right on in to the 2 measure intro on measures 40 and 41 and then starts on the 3rd part of the song beginning at measure 42. The song plays to measure 71 which is the start of the 1st ending for the 3rd section of this song. It then needs to play this 1st ending from measure 72 to measure 73 (indicated by blue squares) and then go back to measure 42 and play the whole section over again but this time it needs to skip the 1st ending at measures 72 and 73 and go to measure 74 which is the 2nd ending of this section and also the end of the song. This 2nd ending is on measure 74 and 75 (indicated by the green squares).
I hope I haven't lost any one and I'll continue to explain as we go along. I would highly suggest that you download both the sound file and the BIAB file so that you can listen to the song and hear the repeats of the sections along with the 1st and 2nd endings of each part and you can also see the BIAB file and view the sections. The sound file and BIAB file are from the finished song which is at the end of this help section but it will give you an idea of how things are done when the final file is all done. Let's go to the next Pic.
Sound File For "Beer Barrel Polka"
BIAB File Of "Beer Barrel Polka"

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