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Increase Or Decrease Time Between Audio And Midi

After clicking on the "Audio" tab you should see this screen. Just under the "Audio File Type" boxes you will see a place that say's "Offset In MS" and to the right of this is a 0 in the box. This is where you will put your offset in. If you want the audio track to start later than you would enter in a negative number. If you want the audio track to start earlier then you would enter in a positive number. You do not have to put the "+" sign in front of the number if it is positive but you do have to put the "-" sign in front of the number if it is negative. I would suggest putting in something large to start with like 500 so that you can hear which way you have to go. Once you enter the number just click the "OK" and the window will close. You will not see the audio track move but you will hear the difference when you hit the play button. If the time was to much just go back in and change the number until you get the time you want.
Once again I have to tell you that working with midi files and audio files together is a real pain in the neck and I personally don't recommend doing things this way. It is much easier at least to me to do your editing on the midi file and then save the midi file as a WAV file and then start with the WAV file and record your audio track with that file. But, to each his own and in the end it really dosen't make a difference how you get there just so long as the final result is something you can be proud of.

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