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Bringing In An Instrument From Another Style Into The Current Style

Lets suppose that you are doing a song where the bass part is just alternating through out the song. This get's to be very boring. Wouldn't it be nice to break it up so that lets say the bass is alternating during the verse but than goes to a walking bass during the chorus. You already know what the part markers do. They allow you to use the substyle of the style you are using where ever you want to. If we had a style with an alternating bass for the "A" substyle and a walking bass for the "B" substyle we would be all set. We could start the song with the "A" substyle and when the chorus came in we could start that with the "B" substyle and change back to the "A" substyle when the chorus was done. Well, this would be great but as always, I have yet to find a BIAB style that is built like this that I like. The ZZJAZZ style uses an alternating bass on the the "A" part and a walking type bass on the "B" part. This is nice to know but I may not want to have a jazz type of style on the "A" part so what can I do? Not to fear, Just grab the walking bass part you want from a style that has one on it's "B" substyle and use it for the "B" substyle in the style you are using for this song. I'm going to use the bass for this but you can do this with any of the instrument parts that you want to. For showing you how to do this I will be using the style Z4COUN12 to start with and then grabbing the bass from the ZZJAZZ part "B" style to show you how it is done but you can do it with any styles you would like. The style you choose to start with will be the style which the whole song will be played in. The only thing that will change will be the bass part on the "B" part of this style. We will also rename this style so that you don't effect the original style in any way.

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